Dennis Solomon, Co-Founder


 Lasers, optics, computers, and stereoscopy were among my early interests at MIT, where I was fortunate to learn from and collaborate with both Edwin Land and Steve Benton.  I was later ensnared by biophysics and biomedicine - providing insights in human vision and visual comprehension, and experience with the early VR headsets and near-to-eye displays.  The HoloDeck group coalesced in the 1970s on the deck of our research sailing ketch - Starship - developing technologies in medicine, theatre, defense, entertainment  and education.     

Steven Taylor, Co-Founder


I began working in computer 3D in 1999 when Dennis suggested I discover the world of VRML programming. My work has spanned the multimedia field, where I have executed large scale public art, appeared on the National Geographic Channel, and developed graphic novels. In the last decade, I have been a part of a number of startups as a marketeer and content creator. I recently built a media and content team within Royal Dutch Shell IR&D, where we developed VR/AR content for the energy sector. 

Join our team

We are rapidly expanding our team. If you have expertise in Unity, C+, 3D modeling, UI/UX, animation, mechanical engineering, software engineering, optical engineering, embedded systems, and/or project management - please reach out.