AR for Everyone
  • AR for Everyone
  • Headsets for multiple applications

    AR4M & E Cardboard

    The low-cost offering, built to unlock innovation in development for AR/VR/MR. With this HMD, you can join us in the push for smartphone-ready AR tools.


    Really looking for all the bells and whistles? AR4G brings a number of features to the smartphone HMD, depth cameras, on-board controls, and a wide field of view.

    Bike Helmet Attachment

    Built in response to the need for situational awareness, this attachment for a standard bike helmet brings a cost-effective solution to the cyclist.

    Baseball Cap

    We have adapted our optic to the standard ball cap - perfect for events and casual users.

    Hard Hat Attachment

    Productivity for workers is a major focus for our AR designs. This attachment is a straightforward approach to AR for enterprise. 

    Integrated HMDs

    With a deep technical expertise in optics and human factors, we have an advanced R&D effort working on the future AR wearable.