Headsets for multiple applications

AR For Marketing


The low-cost offering, built to unlock innovation in development for AR/VR/MR. With this HMD, you can join us in the push for smartphone-ready AR tools. Interested in large scale activations, our headsets are customizable, cover with your brand or logo as a giveaway.



Really looking for all the bells and whistles? AR4G brings a number of features to the smartphone HMD, depth cameras, on-board controls, and a wide field of view.

Bike Helmet Attachment


Built in response to the need for situational awareness, this attachment for a standard bike helmet brings a cost-effective solution to the cyclist.

Baseball Cap


We have adapted our optic to the standard ball cap - perfect for events and casual users.

Hard Hat Attachment


Productivity for workers is a major focus for our AR designs. This attachment is a straightforward approach to AR for enterprise. With a  160° F.O.V. and built to  ANSI/ISEA certifications. 

Integrated HMDs


With a deep technical expertise in optics and human factors, we have an advanced R&D effort working on the future AR wearable.

About AR4 models


Our design allows for both 2D & 3D  viewing experiences and can be used to watch, play, and develop AR/VR content. Currently for sale is a cardboard-based head-mounted display.

Legacy Mode

 ‘Legacy’ mode enables all existing content. Directly after assembly, all mobile VR and 360 content become available. By mounting the phone in the outward position, you can immediately enable all camera tracking AR apps and development tools.

Our Design

One of the innovations of this AR/VR headset is the placement of the smartphone vertically close to the forehead. This position moves the center of gravity, reducing the tension in the head strap and allowing lighter materials to be used for the construction.   

Foldable & Flexible

Currently, our design folds into a 1.5 x 5.5 x 6.5 box , which allows for easy packing, shipping and travel.  With our lens inserts, you get the ability to run content in both 2D and 3D with a simple swappable part.

Adding Peripherals

We have experimented with mice, game controllers, keyboards, and microphones. These peripherals immediately give you the ability to interact with your phone like never before. Look for our experimenter packs to learn more.

Safety Advantages at a Low Cost

 One of the many advantages of this headset is a safe hands-free, augmented reality experience. In situational games like Pokémon Go™, seeing the other players and the game at the same time is now possible. This broadens the use cases for immersive media, while allowing the user to see the outside world and maintain their bearings. 

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