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Supports all smart phones

AR4 designs accommodate all major Apple, Samsung, HTC and Moto phones. If your phone is under 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) it fits. We have designed custom apertures to handle all popular screen sizes, so you get the most pixels possible in your display.

Sit back and enjoy your favorite movies or build the next generation of AR apps.

Inside the AR4M headset



Our AR4 headsets will accommodate your smartphone for AR/VR apps. The AR4 gives you a bright eye-level display projected onto a lens. This ends up placing what seems like a widescreen TV in front of your face, while still allowing you to see the world around you.

One of the innovations of this AR/VR headset is the placement of the smartphone vertically, placing it close to the forehead. This position moves the center of gravity, which reduces the tension in the head strap and allows lighter materials to be used for the construction.

We enable the phone's main camera with a mini-periscope, allowing access to all camera-based AR apps.

Currently, our design folds into a flat pack of around 8” x 10” with a 90-degree viewing angle or 3D view.

We have made sure to include access to pre-existing content with a design that accommodates 'Legacy'. This re-positions the mirror and phone for a new wearable form factor.

We have recently finished the BETA build of the headset. With our successful Kickstarter, we now move to production runs and quality assurance on the components. Expect delivery in March 2018.

AR4 line of headsets

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We have a cross-functional team working in both hardware and content - with the ability to scale to any event size and a deep expertise in working with industry, defense, education, and entertainment.

Our hardware team includes an exclusive relationship with the HoloDeck Design Trust in Cambridge, MA and over four decades  of research at MIT, Harvard and MBL.

Innovative designs

The path forward for our headset leads us to true AR/VR/MR glasses resembling stylized sunglasses.  Along this path, the AR4 Transformable enables AR/VR/MR for Everyone - the first important step to discovery of the myriad of applications and advantages.

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